best fishing kayaks for beginners

Fishing Kayaks for Beginners


Fishing Kayaks for Beginners – What to look for…

best fishing kayaks for beginners

Light weight – Afterall, you have to carry it.

If your kayak is heavy and cumbersome to transport, or you need to rely on someone helping you lift it, there’s a chance it won’t see much use. And you are buying a kayak so you can use it, right?

Can you resell your kayak?

Consider the kayak’s resale potential. You’re shopping for a beginner fishing kayak now, but if you stick with kayak fishing, you won’t be a beginner forever. As with most fishing-related things, the impulse to upgrade your gear is something that is very difficult, if not impossible, to suppress.

So, knowing that ahead of time, try to make your first kayak purchase one that holds its value well so you can sell it to another aspiring kayak angler sometime later on. Try to store your kayak properly and develop a good maintenance routine to keep your kayak in great shape so you can sell it for top dollar if you so choose.

Once you get your kayak, deck it out with some kayak fishing accessories, get a nice, lightweight paddle, then head to the lake and let the lures fly!

Tips When Purchasing a Fishing Kayak

Where do you sit?

Is the kayak a  sit-inside kayak? Now, most fishing kayaks these days are sit-on-top kayaks.  Decide which you prefer.

Does it have enough space for all your fishing geat?

Choose a kayak with enough space for you and your gear. Most kayaks sold specifically as “fishing kayaks” have plenty of space for you and your gear, but each model has slightly different dimensions that either give you room to stretch or make you feel claustrophobic.

Be honest with yourself: if you have a big frame, you probably won’t be very comfortable in a 10-foot kayak; and if you’re 4’10,” a 13-footer might be too much boat to handle.

Is it big enough?

If you’re the kind of angler who likes to bring one rod and a small bag of tackle for a day of fishing, a small fishing kayak may be all you need. But if you want to have two or three rods rigged up and every lure and hook you own at your disposal, plus a cooler strapped to the back, you’re going to need a larger kayak.

Is it easy to transport?

Choose a kayak you can load onto the roof of your car with ease. One of the most appealing aspects of kayak fishing is that you can pack up quickly and head to the lake whenever you have a few spare hours. Make sure the kayak you choose is easy enough to lift and transport by yourself.

Easy to maneuver on the water?

Look for a kayak that will get you around the water easily.  Conserve energy with a kayak that is easy to maneuver. You’ll have more fun.