Baja Kayak Trip to Isla Espiritu Santa


Isla Espiritu Santo, off the coast of La Paz in Baja, features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world coupled with unique wildlife experiences. A snorkeling-friendly colony of sea lions and a nearby population of plankton-eating whale sharks make Espiritu Santo an extraordinary destination for kayakers and wildlife enthusiasts alike. Join us on this spectacular island, and fall in love with Baja’s startling beauty.

Sea Kayak Adventures classic Baja kayaking trip blends fun-filled days of sea kayaking in the tranquil waters surrounding Isla Espirito Santo, a National Park and UNESCO Biosphere located just north of La Paz, Baja. The island features numerous deep coves with beautiful white sand beaches hidden between sienna-hued headlands jutting out of turquoise waves. The island hosts spectacular beaches that were voted by the Travel Magazine as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Espiritu Santo (Holy Spirit) Island is uninhabited unless you count pelicans, parrot fish and dolphins.

One of the trip highlights is snorkeling with friendly sea lions at Los Islotes, volcanic islets where playful sea lion pups dive off the rocks and pirouette below you. Other activities include hiking up colorful arroyos studded with tall cactus, snorkeling amongst hundreds of tropical fish, paddling below fantastic rock formations, and enjoying margaritas on the beach as the sun sets. Our motorized support boat carries all camping gear and the makings for fabulous meals prepared by your guides with a Mexican flair. Your kayaks are light and easy to paddle between camps while the accompanying motorboat provides an additional level of safety.

ADD A DAY TO SNORKEL WITH WHALE SHARKS: Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snorkel with these gentle giants during your trip to La Paz. This day tour is specifically designed to add on to either end of your kayaking trip and is the perfect complement to your vacation experience. La Paz is one of the few places in the World where you will have the opportunity to observe, interact and learn about these docile fish. A local whale shark guide accompanies you on your swim. Their knowledge and passion for whale sharks are obvious as they work to make your time swimming in La Paz educative, meaningful, and memorable.