How to Kayak Fish in Muddy Water


Learn the best way to kayak fish in muddy water

You can be sure regardless of where you live or cast your favorite bait at some time you will be faced with fishing muddy water. To soften the description of muddy water it is termed discolored or murky but the truth is it’s flat out muddy. I call it dirt that’s just too wet to plow. It ca be intimidating when you prepare to launch and spot water that delivers inches of visibility. I’ve learned to love muddy water.

Stop and think about it, if I had to choose between gin clear and “off” color I’ll take the stained water every time. Because I frequent moving waters I also realize that strong current often accompanies that dark waters, I do not compromise safety when deciding where to paddle and pitch my baits at fish. But the current does give strong clues as to where the fish will stage.

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