2020 Mirage Outback Dream Kayak

The 2020 Mirage OutbackĀ® is one of Hobie’s easiest kayaks ever to accessorize. Howie walks through his fully-rigged Mirage Outback, and covers the benefits of each accessory. To view detailed installation videos of each accessory, visit the Accessories playlist on Hobie’s YouTube channel or check out Hobie.com/support/mirage-outback/. Please reach out to your local Hobie dealer to purchase any of the accessories covered in this video: www.hobie.com/dealers Accessories shown in this video: – Deck Pad kit, Titanium/Aegean Blue, part number 72020261 (complete) 72020260 (interior) – Hobie H-Bar standing support, part number 84500120 – Lowrance Elite 7Ti w/ TotalScan, part number 72020206 – Vantage Seat Accessory Bag, part number 72020117 – Power Pole Micro and Spike, part number 72020083 – Micro Lithium Battery Pak, part number 72020185 – Hobie Livewell V2, part number 72020077 – Additional livewell rod holder, part number 72020015 – Anchor trolley kit, Compass/Outback 2019, part number 72020273 – 8″ Twist and Seal hatch kit, part number 71702001 – Hobie Blue Patch Hat, part number 5072