Best Kayak Accessory for Hobie Kayak Fanatic!

The easiest way to transport you kayak to the waters edge and back is Hobie’s line of carts that plug into the hulls scuppers. Every user is different and each path to the water has different obstacles so Hobie offers a diverse lineup of carts. Six different frame/wheel options to suit small to large kayaks through and over a large variety of terrain. No finicky straps to tie down and you’ll never have to worry about your cart sifting or sliding around when it’s firmly plugged into the hull! Starting with the “Standard” cart to has a basic wheel and a weight capacity of 150lbs. The Heavy Duty cart has rugged foam filled tires and a capacity if 225lbs. The Fold & Stow cart has wider tires and might be the best option of you plan to take your cart with you out on the water. The Trax 2 features inflatable tires that offer a wide footprint and roll much easier over dry softer sand. The Trax 2-30 is our largest wheel and is the best option for making a long trek through sand with a larger kayak the easiest it can be. The C-Tub is a universal part that does not plug in but can be used with any brand of kayak. Part number 80045001 is the Standard plug-in cart. 80046001 for the Heavy Duty plug-in cart. 80047001 for the Fold & Stow plug-in cart. 80044101 for the Trax 2 plug-in cart. 80043001 for the Trax 2-30 plug-in cart. 80047201 for the C-Tug universal cart.SHOW LESS