Hobie H-Rail Rod Holder – How to Use the Rod Holder Extension

Hobie’s H-Rail Rod holder is a do-it-all adjustable rod holder. With a removable gimbal pin, rotating reel seat, 4-way tilt adjustment and the ability to slide it fore or aft along the H-Rail, you’ve got all the adjustment ever needed. This rod holder suits fresh and saltwater environments from light to heavy duty. Pair the H-Rail rod holder with Hobie’s HD Strap Kit to resist rotational force when big game trolling (pn 72020099, 1 each). This rod holder can be positioned vertically along the H-Crate carry handles to increase your crate’s vertical rod storage and is great for staging rods when tying knots or handling a fish after it’s been landed. 

In this video, Howie also covers the Rod Holder Extension (pn 72020014), an extremely helpful tool for keeping your reels high and dry and out of the splash zone. The real seat on the Rod Holder Extension keeps your reel at a fixed angle, and accommodates spinning, baitcasting and conventional setups. 

Featured Product: 
72020098 H-Rail Rod Holder
72020099 HD Strap Kit (x2 required for securing a single rod holder)
72020014 Hobie Rod Holder Extension