Hobie Mirage Passport Kayak – Tips to Get Started

Hobie QuickStart videos are intended to be a quick way to get you on the water with the basic info for setting up your kayak for the first time. This video shows the Mirage Passport 12.0 but also covers the Passport 10.5. We cover completing the installation of your MirageDrive GT with Kick Up fins, installing and using your the rudder, building and adjusting your paddle and a few other key features to know before you hit the water.
New for 2021 both Mirage Passport models come with Hobie’s MirageDrive GT with Kick Up Fins. GT stands for Glide Technology and features roller bearings in all the major moving surfaces, these bearings reduce friction and improve efficiency. The Kick Up Fins have the ability to kick back and up when contacting the bottom or any solid obstacles, these allow you to pedal in shallow areas without worry of causing damage to the fins or your drive. Also new for 2021 is a second set of plug in scuppers located under the seat bottom. These extra scuppers allow the seating area to drain faster and allow a second location to use Hobie’s Plug-In carts. By locating the cart further toward the center of the hull it better balances the weight and makes transport even easier. Both Passports received a new 8″ center hatch design that is more intuitive and easier to use.