ProAnger 14 Kayak by Hobie – All you need for the ultimate Fishing Machine!

Dominate the water in the Ultimate Fishing Machine. For discerning anglers who demand it all – room, stability, performance, stealth, and comfort– the PA 14 stands alone. There’s a non-skid deck for standing—a huge advantage for sight fishing from a kayak—and veritable acres of H-Rail for mounting rod holders, electronics, and other important accessories. All this on a spacious 12, 14 or 17-foot platform, with no need for a gas tank. The 12 and 14-foot models are available with Hobie’s unique MirageDrive 180 or the MirageDrive 360, both with Kick-Up Turbo Fins that provide efficient, worry-free, quiet propulsion. In this video, Howie walks through his fully-rigged platform that’s capable of crossing over from saltwater to freshwater or inland salt in a snap. To view detailed installation videos of each accessory featured in this video, visit the Pro Angler Rigging Series playlist on Hobie’s YouTube channel or check out and look for your exact Pro Angler model. Please reach out to your local Hobie dealer to purchase any of the accessories covered in this video: Featured Accessories: 72020252 HOBIE DECK PAD KIT PA14 – GREY/CHARCOAL 84500116 HOBIE H-BAR / PRO ANGLER 72020231 LOWRANCE HOOK REVEAL 7 TRIPLESHOT 72020145 FISHFINDER LITHIUM POWER KIT 84620151 1.5″ H-RAIL RAM BALL 72023055 1.5″ RAM FISH FINDER BASE 72020117 HOBIE VANTAGE SEAT ACCESSORY BAG 72020083 POWER POLE MICRO AND 8′ UL SPIKE 72020185 MICRO LITHIUM BATTERY PAK 72020176 POWER-POLE MOUNT KIT PRO ANGLER 72020072 HOBIE LIVEWELL XL 72020015 HOBIE ROD HOLDER LIVEWELL/H-CRATE 72020073 HOBIE TROLLEY KIT – TROLLEY READY 72020111 HOBIE FISH BAG/COOLER LARGE 71110001 BLACK NYLON PADEYE (x6) 8030251 SCREW 10-32 x 1″ FHMS (x12) 8080461 #10 FLAT WASHER (x12) 8050211 10-32 NYLOCK LOPRO (x12) 71709002 HOBIE RECTANGULAR HATCH BUCKET V2 72020098 HOBIE H-RAIL ROD HOLODER 72020099 HOBIE HD STRAP KIT (x2 required for securing a single rod holder) 72020014 HOBIE ROD HOLDER EXTENSION 84623004 HOBIE H-RAIL MINI BIN 72020088 HOBIE H-CRATE 72020097 H-CRATE SOFT COVER 72023078 RAM DUAL T-BOLT TRACK BASE FOR SPLINE POST 72023083 RAM® TOUGH-POLE™ 18” SINGLE PIPE WITH RAM® TRACK-NODE™/SPLINE POST