How to set up your 2022 Hobie Compass Kayak

This video covers the Mirage Compass and Mirage Compass Duo. We'll teach you how to open and unpack your hull, how to install the rudder,…

2022 Hobie Mirage Compass Kayak – A review

To test drive a Compass Kayak call Pure Watersports in Dana Point at (949) 661-4947.

Kayak Fishing Addict

Anchoring Your Fishing Kayak

The Power-Pole Micro anchor is second to none when it comes to anchoring your Hobie Mirage LYNX fishing kayak

Installing a Deck Pad

Hobie Mirage LYNX

Hobie Mirage LYNX 2021

A whole new breed from Hobie! Stealthy and streamlined, meet the Mirage Lynx,

Ultimate Kayak for Bass Fishing

The Hobie Mirage Lynx fishing kayak boasts incredible stealth and stability,

Transporting Your Kayak

A dolly is the best option for transporting larger, heavier models such as Pro Anglers 

Set up your iTrek 9 Ultralight

2021 Kayak by Hobie

Hobie Mirage LYNX 2021

 A whole new breed from Hobie! Make some room for the Mirage Lynx... our all-new ...

Hobie Fishing Team

Hobie Fishing Team member, Morgan travels to Alabama to meet up with Bass Pro, Randy ...

SoCal Kayak Fishing Tour

On stop 2 of the SoCal Kayak Fishing Tour, Morgan and Kevin find themselves amid ...

Best Kayak Accessory for Hobie Kayak Fanatic!

The easiest way to transport you kayak to the waters edge and back is Hobie's line of carts that plug into the hulls scuppers. Every…

Installing a Deck Pad on a Hobie Pro Angler Fishing Kayak

Hobie's Deck Pad Kits are a great way to enhance the look and performance of your Pro Angler series fishing kayak. The textured, closed-cell foam…

2020 Mirage Outback Dream Kayak

The 2020 Mirage Outback® is one of Hobie's easiest kayaks ever to accessorize. Howie walks through his fully-rigged Mirage Outback, and covers the benefits of…

2021 Hobie Kayaks

Here's a line up of the Mirage Kayaks for 2021